“The man with insight enough to admit his limitations comes nearest to perfection.” Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

The Art of Sport Psychology

Through the application of sport psychology concepts and collaborative counseling, my goal is to sharpen the mental skills of individuals I collaborate with, enabling them to turn their brain off during performances and empowering their body to perform at its highest level. In addition, my goal is to enhance quality of life through enabling individuals to turn their brain on during professional and social en-devours. Mental Performance Consulting aims to enhance performance through the following means: self regulation of intensity levels, improving confidence and motivation, sparking conscientiousness, entering the right competitive mind set and sharpening imagery and visualization skills. I firmly believe that no ready individual is too strong or too weak to benefit from mental skills training.

The Science of Sport Psychology

Research topics in the area of Sport Psychology include: self presentation processes, self efficacy, motivation, attributions, perceived control and self regulation. According to Gardiner and Moore (2007), the interaction of dispositional characteristics, competencies, performance demands and self-regulation can contribute in either a functional or dysfunction manner to success.

Jennifer Perrault

I am a Mental Performance Consultant who specializes in enhancing performance in individual sports. I work collaboratively with athletes to enhance confidence, motivation and performance through sharpening mental skills such as, but not limited to: goal setting, self-talk, distraction control, mental readiness and imagery. I have worked with athletes varying from the recreational level to the elite level in running, rowing, gymnastics, boxing and triathlon. I have also worked with individuals to enhance physical fitness.

I completed my undergraduate degree at The University of Western Ontario, where I was Co-Captain of the Track and Field Team. My belief that sport nourishes qualities such as poise, discipline and overall well-being was solidified while training on the track and studying psychology. Eager to learn more about Sport Psychology, I completed a Master’s of Human Kinetics at the University of Ottawa where I became the 2012 Canadian Interuniversity Sport Champion over 1000 meters.


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